Meet the rangers

Our Countryside Rangers manage the country parks and countryside sites for everyone to enjoy.

The rangers perform a wide variety of management duties in the parks including helping visitors with enquiries, carrying out practical estate work, conservation work, environmental education and organising events and activities.

We aim to have a ranger attending a country park every day during normal working hours (except Christmas Day). The Rangers regularly patrol all of our country parks.  These patrols help them to monitor any maintenance problems and provide an efficient response to any issues.

The presence of rangers in their familiar and distinctive uniform can be a very reassuring sight for visitors to the countryside.  We hope that knowing a ranger is about every day will encourage everyone to visit the parks with confidence.

  • Geoff Simons - Senior Ranger

    Having had a lifelong interest in the countryside and wildlife and always loved spending time outdoors, Geoff started working in the county's parks as a volunteer on weekends whilst still at school and it was immediately clear to him that he wanted to become a ranger. He managed to persuade the rangers to take him on as an apprentice. At the end of the 2 year apprenticeship Geoff attended Merrist Wood College in Surrey to gain a qualification in wildlife conservation and countryside recreation whilst still managing to drive back to Northamptonshire to help out at the parks at weekends and holidays.

    When he left college, Geoff successfully applied for the Sywell ranger position and has been at the park ever since.

    Geoff believes that Sywell is a wonderful park with its mix of formal and 'natural' areas and he really enjoys the challenges that go along with managing such a special place.

    "At Sywell we have a really great team of volunteers that are brilliant to work with and it's extremely rewarding when you pass your knowledge on to the volunteers as the rangers did many years ago for me."

  • Rachel Axford - Ranger

    Rachel chose to complete her school work experience at Sywell Country Park at the age of 14 and enjoyed it so much she stayed on as a volunteer.

    At Moulton College she studied Countryside Management and completed a work placement at Brixworth Country Park and Brampton Valley Way after which she started working part time for the Country Park service, mainly at Sywell and the Brampton Valley Way. Rachel then got a full time position as a countryside ranger at Sywell Country Park and has been there ever since.