Meet the rangers

Our countryside rangers manage the country parks and countryside sites for everyone to enjoy.

The rangers perform a wide variety of management duties in the parks including helping visitors with enquiries, carrying out practical estate work, conservation work, environmental education and organising events and activities.

We aim to have a ranger attending a country park every day during normal working hours (except Christmas Day). The rangers regularly patrol all of our country parks.  These patrols help them to monitor any maintenance problems and provide an efficient response to any issues.

The presence of rangers in their familiar and distinctive uniform can be a very reassuring sight for visitors to the countryside. We hope that knowing a ranger is about every day will encourage everyone to visit the parks with confidence.

  • Debbie Samwell - Senior Ranger

    Debbie joined Northamptonshire’s Countryside Service team in December 2013 as Senior Ranger for Brixworth Country Park and Brampton Valley Way. Her journey to this role has followed a varied and winding path!

    She had two passions growing up, wildlife and countryside, and art; as a teen Debbie often combined the two by drawing on walks around Sywell Country Park. Her education focused on art, while the great outdoors remained a personal passion. Following the completion of her theatre degree, Debbie secured a role as a ranger in Surrey. This reawakened her first passion for parks and the countryside, and is where she realised her true vocation. Since then, Debbie has worked in a wide range of customer service, sales and hospitality roles, and as a ranger at Delapre Abbey, Northampton. She also volunteered for the Wildlife Trust BCN in Northamptonshire on their wildlife sites, learning a range of new conservation skills for her personal development.

  • George Dickinson - Ranger

    I have joined the Ranger team following a varied journey that has always been grounded in a love for the natural world. This interest saw me work towards studying Biology at university, however upon taking a year out beforehand to train as a ski instructor in Canada and subsequently finding work as a green keeper at a golf course there, I realised that I relished the opportunity to work outside, and thus a life spent in a laboratory wasn't for me! Upon my return home, I enrolled to study Arboriculture at Moulton College and after completing the course I then spent the following summer back in Canada felling dead aspen trees and helping to maintain land inhabited by a small valley community. My experience of meeting people from different cultures, with diverse worldviews, led me to undertake a degree in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia.

    The perspective afforded to me by this education gifted me the opportunity to formulate my own ideas on life's metaphysical, epistemological and ethical foundations; writing my final dissertation on the philosophy of ancient Chinese Taoism and its emphasis on being at one with nature once again fuelled my desire to find work that would allow me to immerse myself in the natural environment. While money and status are important to some, the 4th century BC Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu's advice that to "Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realise there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you." made it clear that a life spent in harmony with nature, developing one's innate character and embellishing that of others is what truly makes one's journey fulfilling. And with that in mind I saw no better place to work than at Brixworth Country Park.

    I do not hold any specific aims in terms of success and failure for my time here, instead I want to follow the Taoist principle of wu-wei, or spontaneous non-action, in simply allowing the environment of my work to direct my direction and shape my development. From meeting new people, discussing their views, and following the changing seasons in maintaining the park's life-forces, to learning new skills and developing old ones, I know I have found a home in Brixworth's glorious countryside and I am excited to follow my path further.