​We support the principle of memorial seating in our country parks as a long-lasting and appealing way to commemorate a loved one. We are also mindful that the parks are enjoyed by a wide range of people and of the need to ensure that the process is regulated for the mutual benefit of all.

What we can offer

  • Permission to scatter ashes
  • Bequest and donation opportunities
  • Memorial bench with plaque(s)
  • Memorial picnic table with plaque

We do not offer memorial tree planting in the parks.

Bequests and donations

We can accept donations or bequests towards the general betterment of a particular country park and would discuss with you how this money could be used.

A bequest or donation could make your loved one not only a part of the park’s history, but also part of its future.

Whether £10 or £10,000, all donations will be used to make a park a better place; for example, by conserving wildlife habitats, or contributing towards new facilities.

For more information please call 0300 126 5936 or email

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